Victims of Special Crimes Assistance

Nobody chooses to be a victim of a crime... Especially a major crime or investigation! These can involve anything from major damage to property and thefts, all the way up to death investigations. Whether the incident is non-violent or violent in nature, intentional or unintentional, there are always people who are impacted negatively by it. Crime does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, financial status, neighborhood, or background!

These people are property owners, family members of a deceased loved one, friends, adults, teenagers, children, parents, neighbors… they can be many different things, but one thing is certain: they are all real people, suffering in our community, who need help on what could potentially be the worst day of their lives.


You can help by providing gift cards which can be conveniently stored and handed out to victims of special crimes incidents involving the CPD Investigations Division. You can also help by donating monetary gifts which will be used to purchase gift cards and provide other services needed by these victims. Gift cards for Walmart, Albertson’s, Lowes, and for local businesses are preferred, as well as common online retailers such as Amazon. Other services frequently requested or asked about include laundry services, house cleaning  for crime scene clean-up, and handyman repairs.

Is there any assistance available through CPD and/or the City of Carlsbad? What about insurance claims? Yes and yes; however, this program would seek to fulfill more immediate needs, even if only partially or temporarily, until they can make arrangements and figure out the logistics of the aftermath of the incident. These gift cards will be provided to the Supervisors, Detectives, and CSI’s of the CPD Investigations Division, so that they are readily and conveniently available to give to victim’s, on-the-spot.

You may not be personally present with these people during these incidents, but through the CPD personnel who are, you can help them in the moments of their greatest need and vulnerability.

Ways to give, help, and support: 

Monetary Donations– Cash, Checks, or electronic gifts. (Send to CSCNaz marked Victims of Special Crimes)

Gift Card Donations– Cards with amounts of $50 or less are preferred. ($50, $25, $20, $10)
Walmart- Grocery/Home Good's & Gas
Gift cards for services– Such as house cleaning (especially crime scene clean-up), dry cleaning, handy-man repairs, emergency repairs, etc.